All that’s in the head!


Well well well! It is always difficult to start off after a long break! I stare at the screen for a good long time only giving birth to a pause! A pause where I hover my fingers over the keyboard, looking around for a good start! So far I resorted to apologies if my post has been delayed and promises to be more regular! Kind of appears like being deep under water and just coming on the surface for a gulp of air, and returning back into the deep.

I’ve resolved a few things to myself, hope I really stick to it this time.

In a blog I read recently the best way to make a blog a good read, ‘is to write whatever is going on in the head!’ Rather than writing on something that needs to be written or discussed about!

unnamed (2)

I totally agree with the writer! But, the problem lies in deciding out of the million things going on in the head! Especially if your life has changed substantially from the time you last blogged! There’s so much I want to talk about!!! Hope I put down most of thoughts soon!

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