Trust your ghost!

I saw Interstellar today after a long wait! A very long indeed! Am I here to review it? No! That has been said and done by many!
Did I love the movie?, Yes! Without any doubt! Anything remotely related to time, dimensions and relativity has always fascinated me!
I can never claim, I have understood every aspect of the theories given in the movie! But who is looking at  it like that!? I’m loving that movie because it is beyond the theories! Because somewhere deep down it means, science is for the believer! For the one who trusts every intuition, every gut feeling, because for such people nothing in this universe is without a reason!
I have taken most of the decisions in life based on feelings rather than rational thinking! I may spend hours, days, deciding over things, but ending up going what my insides /the universe tells me to do! I have made mistakes, but have I taken a wrong decision?, I don’t think so! Because every mistake has taught me something new, leaving no space for regret!!
I’m not saying that it is the best and the most right way to live life! But it is the way I like to live mine! Having faith in the feeling, having faith in love…

Love is the one thing that transcends space and time!!
-Dr. Brand


When you have best friends…..

Have you ever experienced it? This, running out of words!…..

I just realised I can use this excuse for not blogging as enough as I used to as a teenager! Back then I was in the quest of those people I could talk to! Maybe I had the same people back then, but sharing wasn’t the same. There were fears, worries, complexes!

These people then developed a bond so strong, that now it is easier to talk to them! The times have changed, the problems too! Our thoughts have changed with the relationship with that person too! Now, once you start talking you have words forming in your head, and easily coming out of your system, making you feel lighter! With them you can share anything and everything you could ask for! Long gone are the judgemental days and the person is now not just giving you advice or trying to be nice, they understand what you are trying to say, even if it is between the lines!

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And after a day with such lovely gems you have collected over the years and preserved all this while! When you sit staring at your laptop screen, you feel a light-headedness, because you are all out of words!!! All your synonyms for burdens, happiness, have been bore by the people in your life! And you can only be glad for them, even though that means a little less of the writing 🙂

Whole lotta #hate

You wake up and check your Facebook Newsfeeds, it is full with sarcastic humour! Hate blogs, open letters, critical reviews and what not! Complaints and rants about the people around hashtagging them as stereotypes!

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If we could just all take a step back we would realize, the not-mainstream has actually become mainstream! Not being a cliché is suddenly the biggest cliché around!!

Well, in situations like this, being the little punk that I’m I go around searching for another stream which hasn’t become main yet! And in the process of doing that, I’ve realized, only if people stop worrying about hashtags, about judging about categorizing in real life!

By hashtagging I mean, stereotyping, categorizing, judging, etc. Okay I will put my point across by giving a few examples especially prevalent in posts shared these days!

Girls don’t want to be judged by the clothes they chose to wear, if someone dresses simply or maybe eye-catchin or sultry, please do not judge based on that! Whether she is easy, lame, townie un-cool or whatever! All the fashion blogs, stop policing people! I’ve always read on such fashion blogs that, fashion is about being confident in whatever you please. So, who is being a hypocrite now!?

Then there are posts saying, ‘why not getting married in 20s is good’, some saying otherwise! Shush! It is an individual’s (couple’s) personal decision! They can take it anytime, neither is 20s early, nor the 30s late, it is when they are ready with their partners to take that decision! So chuck the hate and be happy for them!

Remaining posts are about people cribbing and complaining of the people around!  If some person you came across is being partial to someone from his hometown…that is the only way he knows! Don’t be hurt and just accept his ways (M sure you have your own ways too)! You never know when he would start favoring you! Neighboring aunties are always going to have an opinion and stories over your life, gossip is their entertainment, don’t let them affect you, no need for all the hate posts for them! That won’t change them; maybe if you stop caring a damn about what they say, might make them eventually give up!

Don’t dump your besties or partners because, they have that one flaw you read online on some post and it is a strict no-no in a relationship. Because of which you now feel the need to drop them like a hot potato!! Don’t forget you have accepted and happened to love them unconditionally with all their flaws! Of course, bid them farewell, if they are hurting you and are making you unhappy! But let that decision be yours… not driven by all the hate out there!

These are just a few examples of all the negativity!

As the recent Taylor Swift’s song goes,

Hater’s gonna hate..hate hate hate hate…

Baby, I’m gonna Shake It off.. Shake it off!!

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So just shake off the judgmental glasses! Leave all the hastags for social networking and not socialsing! Enjoy every aspect of humans around with all the flaws! Give love and and that is what you will get in return!

Hey wait a minute, didn’t I myself just write a hate post!? But it was for hate posts!!!. Well… double negative just made it positive! 😉 I’m going to spread my positivity around..hope you do to!!

….Cz love makes the world go round (Powerpuff Girls)


A New Year!!!

In 2009 I had once written on my older blog ( that 1st January doesn’t really signify a new year for me! And 6 years later, it is still the same! Thanks to my choice of academia as profession! For us, a new year is always 2 semesters down in June with new admissions and a new year!

Well, but in the spirit of the change in the last digit! I need to first of all wish everyone a very happy new year 2015! All those who have made resolutions hope you follow them, maybe not all, but maybe the one that matters the most

I make resolutions daily, based on every experience that I have. They are all lying in my brain haphazardly. Okay!  I think should jot it down and try to gather all those that I have made in the last 365 days!

>> Not be afraid of being myself ( Only you can be you, and you can’t be anyone                     else…)

gif source: degrassi.wikia
gif source: degrassi.wikia

>> Not judge people and make conclusions about them ( If you are you, let them             be them..)

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>> Watch more movies ( cz they teach)

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>> Read more books… ( no doubts…they teach too!)

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gif source:

>> Play more Clash of Clans and/or Quizup ( good brain exercise 😉 )

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img source:

>> Do some physical activity.. ( Forget not, you are getting older… )

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>> See more of the world… (Cz, if the world is a small place.. you surely need to explore..)

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>> Do not forget to write about it… (Cz, that would make the experience even better..)

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>> Give your best at anything and everything you do… (Your best is what makes                 everything bettter..)

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gif source:

>> Follow your heart… ( Cz it knows better..)

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gif source:

>> BE happy …( A resolution I know I will never break 🙂 )

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gif source:

I hope I follow all these (Pst.. they are not really difficult 😉 ) That’s how you can follow them through, and be happy about the year! Best wishes to all of you for 2015!! Hope you have new beginnings and happy endings!! 🙂

An evening of tales!

Image courtesy: Tall Tales Storytelling Facebook Page
Image courtesy: Tall Tales Storytelling Facebook Page

Today, i.e. Sunday, 14th December I attended an event by Tall Tales Storytelling. It had 6 of their 2014’s best story narrations held at NCPA, Mumbai. This was my very first exposure to storytelling, if I don’t count school competitions. I was a bit insecure and unsure of how would it work out for me, regards to my fickle attention span and a volatile memory! But I was happy, as the first story itself put all my fears farther away than the bay!!!
The event started with a small introduction by Michael Burns, about Tall Tales, the event and the storytellers of the night! In the comfortable chair I settled still kind of insecure. The first storyteller, Apala Bhattacharya came on stage and made me forget all my insecurities and my brain was glued to the narration throughout! Then onwards I knew I was going to enjoy every bit of this and I’m proud to say I did!
The next couple narrators were every bit interesting! The interval, though timed perfectly and maybe a necessity! For me it was just more of my soul shouting, “enough break, enough break, I want stories”.
The stories made you laugh, they made you smile! The narration helped build the world around you, and have a first hand experience from a third person’s point of view! Though all stories touched me in some way or the other, three of them just stole my heart, because I could see myself living some bit of it some time back in he past, or maybe sometime in the future!
As I came back home today on this chilly evening! I knew I have been exposed to a lot of positive energy and my inspiration has been fuelled in some way! Maybe to write a story, maybe to narrate a story or maybe just living my life, such that it has millions of stories worth narrating! I’m glad for this experience and awaiting many more! 🙂

Gel Liners Review

Umm, it is obviously unexpected of me to blog about beauty, or cosmetic products to be precise! But ah! What the hell, it is necessary to present well, and well well why not help the world with your experiences! 😛

I love eye makeup and that’s the only thing I love to experiment with! My skin is sweat prone and my lifestyle a bit rough, so when I am buying kohl/eyeliner I want it to be long lasting and that is the toughest find ever! Since the time I saw a video tutorial of different lining styles, I was totally attracted to gel liners and had also read that they are long lasting!

I asked at my regular local cosmetic shop and he showed me a few, though Maybelline had some good reviews I was worried to spend some 400+ bucks, as I had no idea if I’m comfortable with gel liners in the first place. So I went for the cheaper deal and bought the vov eyeliner gel for 250 +/- 25 rupees.

I realised I was comfortable with the gel liner, but VOV had it’s problems. So when I got an Oriflame catalog I looked up for some of it’s Studio Artist Gel Eyeliner reviews and decided I would go for it! A bit expensive, almost double the price of VOV but now I can totally say worth every penny!

Below is a comparative review of both these liners!

When you look at the small containers both are equally cute! VOV doesn’t come in a box unlike Oriflame. The application brush for VOV is long with sharp tip whereas for the oriflame it is short and a cross-edged one. I like both of them, it’s fun and creative with either or both!


The colour for VOV is jet black and the consistency shiny and smooth like butter. Oriflame is a little less black, very little! And consistency a little waxy. Might be a challenge for people who are not comfortable with brushes but the edged brush makes it a tad bit easier!

So far VOV has posed no problems, but it lacks in the exact same property I want it to stand out! Yes, long lasting! It hardly lasts, but not just that, it gets smudged and spreads all over your face, especially if your hair flies over your face, and you take your hand to your face many times in a day! Spoils the look and your mood! Whereas oriflame is just the opposite! It dries off, doesn’t smudge and stays easily for 12hrs or maybe more!! That’s the best part of oriflame liner! Totally value for money, because finding a  product so lasting is a gift! As you can see in the image, the difference is obvious!

So if you have long working hours, and are searching for the best staying liner, Oriflame Studio Gel Eyeliner wins hands down! Not just for gel liners are concerned, but also compared to most liquid liners and kohl pencils, this would be my first preference any day!

The day my son went viral

Reality bites! We need to be careful! Must read!!!

Put the book back on the shelf

UntitledA couple of months ago my son, who is six years old, performed a solo routine at his school talent competition. I couldn’t attend but my wife filmed it on her mobile phone so I could watch it later. She also put it on Facebook for friends and relatives to see. Unfortunately, we hadn’t given any thought to the privacy settings and it was ‘shared’ amongst people we didn’t know. When we became aware of this we quickly changed the permissions and forgot all about it.

However, one morning, a few days later, we received a text from a friend telling us that the video was ‘trending’ on Buzzfeed and, as we hastily conducted some Google searches, it became apparent that we had a problem. There were bizarre stories about it on sites such as Huffington Post and Mail Online and these were being replicated around the world. Additionally, the…

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A testimonial to orkut!

In this dynamic little world of ours, we can’t even sit and list the number of networking site a generation must’ve seen. Well for me it all started off with hi5! I don’t really remember how it was, yet there it was, my first step in the social networking world.


It went on with me registering for a few more, but the most distinct in my memory is of course ‘orkut’. It was gaining popularity amongst people too fast. There was eventually a point, where almost everyone had an orkut account. Many of it’s features shared a love-hate relationship with the users like the scrapbooks, communities, etc. From features upgrading like uploading an album of photos, to features that won’t let anyone save your photos by a simple right click! We saw all of it! From the blue theme to themes with colours, it was as if it was growing with us, till it came to a point, that it didn’t. Yet we kept on growing, and so did our hunger for change! And as soon as we got a totally dynamic profile, orkut was left in a corner totally ignored!

But there was one feature which stood out and always will for me, the testimonials! Before I deleted my orkut account 4 years back I copy pasted that bit in a text document to hold it close to my heart! Not just those written for me, they surely do bring a smile on my face, but also those I wrote for someone, making us realize of all those special moments we had with people closest to us!

I’m happy as I cherish few of my friends made over orkut, and all those weddings I’ve attended of people who met over orkut! It has been wiped off but, this little farewell, or let’s say a testimonial is a way of saying, you will always be remembered 🙂

The need to evolve!!

This here is just a shift from blogger to wordpress! Trying to keep up with the ever dynamic e-world! A friend suggested, and well nothing else could convince me more!

The address has changed, but the writer and the words remain the same!

Hoping to get all the love here as well!


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