A testimonial to orkut!

In this dynamic little world of ours, we can’t even sit and list the number of networking site a generation must’ve seen. Well for me it all started off with hi5! I don’t really remember how it was, yet there it was, my first step in the social networking world.


It went on with me registering for a few more, but the most distinct in my memory is of course ‘orkut’. It was gaining popularity amongst people too fast. There was eventually a point, where almost everyone had an orkut account. Many of it’s features shared a love-hate relationship with the users like the scrapbooks, communities, etc. From features upgrading like uploading an album of photos, to features that won’t let anyone save your photos by a simple right click! We saw all of it! From the blue theme to themes with colours, it was as if it was growing with us, till it came to a point, that it didn’t. Yet we kept on growing, and so did our hunger for change! And as soon as we got a totally dynamic profile, orkut was left in a corner totally ignored!

But there was one feature which stood out and always will for me, the testimonials! Before I deleted my orkut account 4 years back I copy pasted that bit in a text document to hold it close to my heart! Not just those written for me, they surely do bring a smile on my face, but also those I wrote for someone, making us realize of all those special moments we had with people closest to us!

I’m happy as I cherish few of my friends made over orkut, and all those weddings I’ve attended of people who met over orkut! It has been wiped off but, this little farewell, or let’s say a testimonial is a way of saying, you will always be remembered 🙂


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