Are you getting old? Everyone is!

So, today I let an older man take a seat in the metro. He offered it back to me. I rejected with disbelief, with the usual expression of ‘how could I’ -tone.

He was an elderly person with a head full of white hair. However, very fit and surely didn’t look like a senior citizen.

I wonder how he must’ve felt. Maybe, the same as I feel when a 14-18-year-old calls me a “Kaku” (aunty)! At times, we forget that we are ageing. We forget that an 18year old is someone who was just born in 2000!

Yes, 2000! I mean wasn’t I there just yesterday inviting the new millennium!

Well, from a glass half full perspective, I guess this also means that we feel so young at heart, that we can’t believe 18 years have passed. Lol!

I guess 18 years down the line my daughter would be like, wow! 18 years just flew by, I feel like I was born yesterday! Well, only time will tell!

Have any of you had such a moment? Does it have a name? Shall we give it one?


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