Songs with the word ‘SUMMER’ in it!

Just a few days back, the rain made a sneak-peak! It’s gone somewhere again, but, it’s still out there, lurking around waiting for the right time, or maybe the wrong one to make a comeback!

In either case, we are just happy that we are done getting roasted outdoors for at least a couple months now.

As an adios to the scorching summer, I thought of listing down songs which have the word summer in it.

As my friend once said, the westerners are on-and-on about the summers. So, it was easy to find a few songs. Apart from that I also asked few of my friends to suggest. This helped in having a more comprehensive list. Many people got back to me with their cool suggestions. I’ve made a list of almost all of them.

Hope you guys enjoy it, I’ve also listed my favourites.

My suggestions:

Summertime Rocks – Smoke Signals

This is my most favourite amongst the ‘Summer collection.’

Summer Wind – Frank Sinatra

Sit back and drift into the old-times and let this song make your heart swing and lips smile 🙂

Was that too old-school for you? Maybe, you will like the next one.

Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey

This one truly gets you grooving!

How did you like my suggestions?

Yes, there are so many many others! Following are the songs suggested to me by many of my friends and acquaintances.

Out of the ones suggested my most favourite was the following one:

In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry

I could dance to this through the day or night, through the summer, the monsoon or the winter!

This one sure took a place in my heart!

Summertime – Willie Nelson

The most suggested song was :

Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams

Go, check it out for some much needed nostalgic dose. Weren’t those the best days of our life?

Other suggested songs were:

Summer – Calvin Harris

This summer is gonna hurt – Maroon V

Cool for the Summer – Demi Lovato

Summer overture – Clint Mansell

Have a ‘Summer-y’ time!

Let me know which one of these is your favourite. Or, if you have another song to suggest, that is missed here, do let me know!



4th December it is!

A Head Full of Dreams is on the way! Yes, the release date is 4th December 2015 and I’m looking to pre-book my copy at the earliest! But that is when in the back of my mind the music plays which plays at the beginning of the track, “Adventure of a Lifetime” and my head spins in confusion!

Confusion over thinking whether I like this song or not! At first go, not really! But now the music has grown on me. The vocals by Chris Martin still make me feel dreamy. Still hate the 70s popish “I’m Alive Again” part! The music stands true to old CP style from 3:24. So all in all it is not a bad song!

I like the song, but I like it because I’m a CP fan! But, if the band had started with such songs, I’m not sure if I’d liked the band to begin with!

Track List
Track List

There’s no doubt whether I would still pre-book the album or not! I’m just going ahead anyway! But I silently wish we have more songs like “Amazing Day” than an “Adventure of a Lifetime”. I’m sure I would never regret that decision, never have! But, just a wish!~~

Do you agree with me? Tell me which one you like more in the comments section below!

Link for Amazing Day:

Link for Adventure of a Lifetime:

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