Of Infinite Hope…

Someone is there,

Out somewhere…

Made truly just for you!

You depend on him,

He on you,

Making you feel the world is just for you two!!!

These are the tales,

I listen to,

These are the stories,

I still want to believe into!!

That is when my heart screams,


I will not be fooled by you!

I’ve learnt…

I’ve grown…

And this is something you have to accept too!

Secure these dreams,

In the pages of your mind,

But these are just dreams,

Dreams,that never come true!!!



I just came across this little poem I had written back in 2011. It is not literary rich, neither deep, just something that reflected my state of mind. I never published it on my blog, because you know how it is with putting up something too close to your heart out there. You would just be judged and talked about! To avoid this, it had been in my personal folder, for longer than I remember.

The purpose I dug up this one, is because today it would be a year to our wedding and when I look back at that 5 year older self, I wish I could ask her to cheer up a bit and have faith.

Growing up it was mandatory to be in a relationship, everyone was. Today it is a little different; you can be free, independent and not a freak. But back then ( I know I sound too old :P) it wasn’t the case.

Fortunately I had my friends for me always, keeping me busy, giving me the idea, that I download (1)hardly had any time for a relationship. Yes, there used to be some lonely moments where I would type out something like this, but for the most part, I was doing good.

When people were planning to take things further in their relationship and getting married, I was busy thinking about plans for their bachelorette parties!

Completely losing the idea that I need to find someone too! That’s when he came along, won my heart with his humility and wins my heart over and over again even today.


I wish us a Happy Married Life, it is just one year down, and there are so many more to go, which I look forward to! (I just wish I would’ve met him a little earlier.)


The only thing I realize and understand, is that, things may not work out as planned, things may not happen the way you want. But one shouldn’t be downed by disappointment. If falling in love is your dream, have faith you will, if travelling the world alone is your dream, have faith you will. Waiting for it to happen is the hardest part I know.


But recently I came across this beautiful quote;

We must accept finite disappointment but not lose infinite hope.

-Martin Luther King  Jr.



About Last Name

Many people ask me, what I want to be addressed as! And when I tell them it is Ms. Sameeta Golatkar! I get varied sets of expressions and questions! Well the most common reaction is; I had thought you are a feminist, how can you stand such redundant traditions! Well firstly I don’t call myself a hard-core feminist/feminazi! I just believe every individual should be treated as equal and his/her opinion should be respected! A person whether male or female is entitled to his or her opinion.

Well maybe people don’t get it and that is why they keep questioning and judging my opinions and decisions! The other most common question is! ‘Don’t you think you are losing your identity?’ Well, I still kept my first name, I didn’t get it changed and as far as I know my professional identity is as Sameeta ma’am and Personal identity as Sammy, none involve the surname! So well, no it doesn’t affect me as far as my identity is concerned! If my name was to be changed, I might have raised a little hell, maybe a lot! 😛

images (2)


So I totally understand when people don’t like their names to be changed, be it last or first! Judging any one of us based on our choices does more harm than good.

My reasons are a combination of ‘something silly’, conventional and something generally considered as immature. Haven’t we all as teenagers doodled our name with our crush’s last name! Those nostalgic innocent memories still bring a smile to my face and so does changing my name post marriage. Yes, like a true teenager from the 90s I feel cute as well as romantic about the change. In fact Mrs. Sameeta Golatkar has a nice ring to it! Not that it felt any bad earlier but this feels more complete, exactly the same as I feel with my other half! Call me silly, but who said I am not!

images (3)

Also, Sammy G sounds so cool something like Johnny G (a movie I enjoy any given time). And of course I can now happily gloat using the tag-line, ‘G mane Genius”.


Then why not two surnames? That way I, rather my name, can have the best of both worlds. It is just something I can’t wrap my head around! Plus the child will take the father’s last name! And whether I keep just my maternal last name, or keeping them both. I would feel like a piece of puzzle that doesn’t fit, like  an outcast, ‘the one with the different last name’. Not a part of the team, and I don’t want it that way!!

Love it or hate it, I chose to take up the change! It wasn’t the easy way out in fact changing procedures officially are a headache! But I don’t mind!

200w_d (1).gif

Each one his own!

Which one is yours?

Trust your ghost!

I saw Interstellar today after a long wait! A very long indeed! Am I here to review it? No! That has been said and done by many!
Did I love the movie?, Yes! Without any doubt! Anything remotely related to time, dimensions and relativity has always fascinated me!
I can never claim, I have understood every aspect of the theories given in the movie! But who is looking at  it like that!? I’m loving that movie because it is beyond the theories! Because somewhere deep down it means, science is for the believer! For the one who trusts every intuition, every gut feeling, because for such people nothing in this universe is without a reason!
I have taken most of the decisions in life based on feelings rather than rational thinking! I may spend hours, days, deciding over things, but ending up going what my insides /the universe tells me to do! I have made mistakes, but have I taken a wrong decision?, I don’t think so! Because every mistake has taught me something new, leaving no space for regret!!
I’m not saying that it is the best and the most right way to live life! But it is the way I like to live mine! Having faith in the feeling, having faith in love…

Love is the one thing that transcends space and time!!
-Dr. Brand

When you have best friends…..

Have you ever experienced it? This, running out of words!…..

I just realised I can use this excuse for not blogging as enough as I used to as a teenager! Back then I was in the quest of those people I could talk to! Maybe I had the same people back then, but sharing wasn’t the same. There were fears, worries, complexes!

These people then developed a bond so strong, that now it is easier to talk to them! The times have changed, the problems too! Our thoughts have changed with the relationship with that person too! Now, once you start talking you have words forming in your head, and easily coming out of your system, making you feel lighter! With them you can share anything and everything you could ask for! Long gone are the judgemental days and the person is now not just giving you advice or trying to be nice, they understand what you are trying to say, even if it is between the lines!

img source: sweetyumiko.com

And after a day with such lovely gems you have collected over the years and preserved all this while! When you sit staring at your laptop screen, you feel a light-headedness, because you are all out of words!!! All your synonyms for burdens, happiness, have been bore by the people in your life! And you can only be glad for them, even though that means a little less of the writing 🙂

Whole lotta #hate

You wake up and check your Facebook Newsfeeds, it is full with sarcastic humour! Hate blogs, open letters, critical reviews and what not! Complaints and rants about the people around hashtagging them as stereotypes!

gif source: tumblr.com
gif source: tumblr.com

If we could just all take a step back we would realize, the not-mainstream has actually become mainstream! Not being a cliché is suddenly the biggest cliché around!!

Well, in situations like this, being the little punk that I’m I go around searching for another stream which hasn’t become main yet! And in the process of doing that, I’ve realized, only if people stop worrying about hashtags, about judging about categorizing in real life!

By hashtagging I mean, stereotyping, categorizing, judging, etc. Okay I will put my point across by giving a few examples especially prevalent in posts shared these days!

Girls don’t want to be judged by the clothes they chose to wear, if someone dresses simply or maybe eye-catchin or sultry, please do not judge based on that! Whether she is easy, lame, townie un-cool or whatever! All the fashion blogs, stop policing people! I’ve always read on such fashion blogs that, fashion is about being confident in whatever you please. So, who is being a hypocrite now!?

Then there are posts saying, ‘why not getting married in 20s is good’, some saying otherwise! Shush! It is an individual’s (couple’s) personal decision! They can take it anytime, neither is 20s early, nor the 30s late, it is when they are ready with their partners to take that decision! So chuck the hate and be happy for them!

Remaining posts are about people cribbing and complaining of the people around!  If some person you came across is being partial to someone from his hometown…that is the only way he knows! Don’t be hurt and just accept his ways (M sure you have your own ways too)! You never know when he would start favoring you! Neighboring aunties are always going to have an opinion and stories over your life, gossip is their entertainment, don’t let them affect you, no need for all the hate posts for them! That won’t change them; maybe if you stop caring a damn about what they say, might make them eventually give up!

Don’t dump your besties or partners because, they have that one flaw you read online on some post and it is a strict no-no in a relationship. Because of which you now feel the need to drop them like a hot potato!! Don’t forget you have accepted and happened to love them unconditionally with all their flaws! Of course, bid them farewell, if they are hurting you and are making you unhappy! But let that decision be yours… not driven by all the hate out there!

These are just a few examples of all the negativity!

As the recent Taylor Swift’s song goes,

Hater’s gonna hate..hate hate hate hate…

Baby, I’m gonna Shake It off.. Shake it off!!

gif source: buzzfeed.com
gif source: buzzfeed.com

So just shake off the judgmental glasses! Leave all the hastags for social networking and not socialsing! Enjoy every aspect of humans around with all the flaws! Give love and and that is what you will get in return!

Hey wait a minute, didn’t I myself just write a hate post!? But it was for hate posts!!!. Well… double negative just made it positive! 😉 I’m going to spread my positivity around..hope you do to!!

….Cz love makes the world go round (Powerpuff Girls)


A New Year!!!

In 2009 I had once written on my older blog (www.sameetak.blogspot.com) that 1st January doesn’t really signify a new year for me! And 6 years later, it is still the same! Thanks to my choice of academia as profession! For us, a new year is always 2 semesters down in June with new admissions and a new year!

Well, but in the spirit of the change in the last digit! I need to first of all wish everyone a very happy new year 2015! All those who have made resolutions hope you follow them, maybe not all, but maybe the one that matters the most

I make resolutions daily, based on every experience that I have. They are all lying in my brain haphazardly. Okay!  I think should jot it down and try to gather all those that I have made in the last 365 days!

>> Not be afraid of being myself ( Only you can be you, and you can’t be anyone                     else…)

gif source: degrassi.wikia
gif source: degrassi.wikia

>> Not judge people and make conclusions about them ( If you are you, let them             be them..)

gif source: krisbians.tumblr.com
gif source: krisbians.tumblr.com

>> Watch more movies ( cz they teach)

gif source: reactiongifs.com
gif source: reactiongifs.com

>> Read more books… ( no doubts…they teach too!)

gif source: tumblr.com
gif source: tumblr.com

>> Play more Clash of Clans and/or Quizup ( good brain exercise 😉 )

img source: personal.psu.edu
img source: personal.psu.edu

>> Do some physical activity.. ( Forget not, you are getting older… )

gif source: giphy.com
gif source: giphy.com

>> See more of the world… (Cz, if the world is a small place.. you surely need to explore..)

gif source: wifflegif.com
gif source: wifflegif.com

>> Do not forget to write about it… (Cz, that would make the experience even better..)

gif source: carochin.com
gif source: carochin.com

>> Give your best at anything and everything you do… (Your best is what makes                 everything bettter..)

gif source: tumblr.com
gif source: tumblr.com

>> Follow your heart… ( Cz it knows better..)

gif source: tumblr.com
gif source: tumblr.com

>> BE happy …( A resolution I know I will never break 🙂 )

gif source: glee.wikia.com
gif source: glee.wikia.com

I hope I follow all these (Pst.. they are not really difficult 😉 ) That’s how you can follow them through, and be happy about the year! Best wishes to all of you for 2015!! Hope you have new beginnings and happy endings!! 🙂

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