Gel Liners Review

Umm, it is obviously unexpected of me to blog about beauty, or cosmetic products to be precise! But ah! What the hell, it is necessary to present well, and well well why not help the world with your experiences! 😛

I love eye makeup and that’s the only thing I love to experiment with! My skin is sweat prone and my lifestyle a bit rough, so when I am buying kohl/eyeliner I want it to be long lasting and that is the toughest find ever! Since the time I saw a video tutorial of different lining styles, I was totally attracted to gel liners and had also read that they are long lasting!

I asked at my regular local cosmetic shop and he showed me a few, though Maybelline had some good reviews I was worried to spend some 400+ bucks, as I had no idea if I’m comfortable with gel liners in the first place. So I went for the cheaper deal and bought the vov eyeliner gel for 250 +/- 25 rupees.

I realised I was comfortable with the gel liner, but VOV had it’s problems. So when I got an Oriflame catalog I looked up for some of it’s Studio Artist Gel Eyeliner reviews and decided I would go for it! A bit expensive, almost double the price of VOV but now I can totally say worth every penny!

Below is a comparative review of both these liners!

When you look at the small containers both are equally cute! VOV doesn’t come in a box unlike Oriflame. The application brush for VOV is long with sharp tip whereas for the oriflame it is short and a cross-edged one. I like both of them, it’s fun and creative with either or both!


The colour for VOV is jet black and the consistency shiny and smooth like butter. Oriflame is a little less black, very little! And consistency a little waxy. Might be a challenge for people who are not comfortable with brushes but the edged brush makes it a tad bit easier!

So far VOV has posed no problems, but it lacks in the exact same property I want it to stand out! Yes, long lasting! It hardly lasts, but not just that, it gets smudged and spreads all over your face, especially if your hair flies over your face, and you take your hand to your face many times in a day! Spoils the look and your mood! Whereas oriflame is just the opposite! It dries off, doesn’t smudge and stays easily for 12hrs or maybe more!! That’s the best part of oriflame liner! Totally value for money, because finding a  product so lasting is a gift! As you can see in the image, the difference is obvious!

So if you have long working hours, and are searching for the best staying liner, Oriflame Studio Gel Eyeliner wins hands down! Not just for gel liners are concerned, but also compared to most liquid liners and kohl pencils, this would be my first preference any day!


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