Songs with the word ‘SUMMER’ in it!

Just a few days back, the rain made a sneak-peak! It’s gone somewhere again, but, it’s still out there, lurking around waiting for the right time, or maybe the wrong one to make a comeback!

In either case, we are just happy that we are done getting roasted outdoors for at least a couple months now.

As an adios to the scorching summer, I thought of listing down songs which have the word summer in it.

As my friend once said, the westerners are on-and-on about the summers. So, it was easy to find a few songs. Apart from that I also asked few of my friends to suggest. This helped in having a more comprehensive list. Many people got back to me with their cool suggestions. I’ve made a list of almost all of them.

Hope you guys enjoy it, I’ve also listed my favourites.

My suggestions:

Summertime Rocks – Smoke Signals

This is my most favourite amongst the ‘Summer collection.’

Summer Wind – Frank Sinatra

Sit back and drift into the old-times and let this song make your heart swing and lips smile 🙂

Was that too old-school for you? Maybe, you will like the next one.

Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey

This one truly gets you grooving!

How did you like my suggestions?

Yes, there are so many many others! Following are the songs suggested to me by many of my friends and acquaintances.

Out of the ones suggested my most favourite was the following one:

In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry

I could dance to this through the day or night, through the summer, the monsoon or the winter!

This one sure took a place in my heart!

Summertime – Willie Nelson

The most suggested song was :

Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams

Go, check it out for some much needed nostalgic dose. Weren’t those the best days of our life?

Other suggested songs were:

Summer – Calvin Harris

This summer is gonna hurt – Maroon V

Cool for the Summer – Demi Lovato

Summer overture – Clint Mansell

Have a ‘Summer-y’ time!

Let me know which one of these is your favourite. Or, if you have another song to suggest, that is missed here, do let me know!



Are you getting old? Everyone is!

So, today I let an older man take a seat in the metro. He offered it back to me. I rejected with disbelief, with the usual expression of ‘how could I’ -tone.

He was an elderly person with a head full of white hair. However, very fit and surely didn’t look like a senior citizen.

I wonder how he must’ve felt. Maybe, the same as I feel when a 14-18-year-old calls me a “Kaku” (aunty)! At times, we forget that we are ageing. We forget that an 18year old is someone who was just born in 2000!

Yes, 2000! I mean wasn’t I there just yesterday inviting the new millennium!

Well, from a glass half full perspective, I guess this also means that we feel so young at heart, that we can’t believe 18 years have passed. Lol!

I guess 18 years down the line my daughter would be like, wow! 18 years just flew by, I feel like I was born yesterday! Well, only time will tell!

Have any of you had such a moment? Does it have a name? Shall we give it one?


Hello November!

It is that time of the year again!

The time of my favourite month!45891-hello-november


This month always puts into motion something for my upcoming year. I wonder what it will be this year! Even if it doesn’t it is the start of a pleasant climate in Mumbai, my birthday, my best friend’s wedding, her birthday and the 3rd-month birthday of my dear daughter, Sarah!

These are reasons enough to celebrate! It is the little things in life, the memories, our people, the good times, that make life worthwhile. These little things can be missed if you blink, so be careful and cherish every minute of it! 🙂

I plan to make a note of these little things of my life on my blog. Hope I write regularly and you have a good time reading these experiences!

Till then, adios, make every little thing count! 🙂

Of Infinite Hope…

Someone is there,

Out somewhere…

Made truly just for you!

You depend on him,

He on you,

Making you feel the world is just for you two!!!

These are the tales,

I listen to,

These are the stories,

I still want to believe into!!

That is when my heart screams,


I will not be fooled by you!

I’ve learnt…

I’ve grown…

And this is something you have to accept too!

Secure these dreams,

In the pages of your mind,

But these are just dreams,

Dreams,that never come true!!!



I just came across this little poem I had written back in 2011. It is not literary rich, neither deep, just something that reflected my state of mind. I never published it on my blog, because you know how it is with putting up something too close to your heart out there. You would just be judged and talked about! To avoid this, it had been in my personal folder, for longer than I remember.

The purpose I dug up this one, is because today it would be a year to our wedding and when I look back at that 5 year older self, I wish I could ask her to cheer up a bit and have faith.

Growing up it was mandatory to be in a relationship, everyone was. Today it is a little different; you can be free, independent and not a freak. But back then ( I know I sound too old :P) it wasn’t the case.

Fortunately I had my friends for me always, keeping me busy, giving me the idea, that I download (1)hardly had any time for a relationship. Yes, there used to be some lonely moments where I would type out something like this, but for the most part, I was doing good.

When people were planning to take things further in their relationship and getting married, I was busy thinking about plans for their bachelorette parties!

Completely losing the idea that I need to find someone too! That’s when he came along, won my heart with his humility and wins my heart over and over again even today.


I wish us a Happy Married Life, it is just one year down, and there are so many more to go, which I look forward to! (I just wish I would’ve met him a little earlier.)


The only thing I realize and understand, is that, things may not work out as planned, things may not happen the way you want. But one shouldn’t be downed by disappointment. If falling in love is your dream, have faith you will, if travelling the world alone is your dream, have faith you will. Waiting for it to happen is the hardest part I know.


But recently I came across this beautiful quote;

We must accept finite disappointment but not lose infinite hope.

-Martin Luther King  Jr.


The little foibles!!

Well, this little thing has been in my head for a few days now! Actually, since the day I saw or to be precise, noticed an interesting little thing! I won’t go into details, but someone had made his/her friend’s day special by writing notes on chart papers and posted it over a bridge of a railway station! And my immediate reaction was, wow! Who must have thought about that? Something, I would totally love to do for the special people in my life!


Then I thought about it for a while, I discussed it with my friends, and their reaction was, wish someone does it for me!! Surprisingly, that is when I realized that this one thought never occurred to me. But, I always love to have such crazy ideas myself, so maybe that is why! It is so amusing to see how different people perceive the same thing!

That made me think even more, and as I pondered over it! (I know it wasn’t necessary, but what the hell! :P) So as I pondered over it and the whole idea of ‘perception’ actually intrigued me!


Let us imagine a ‘what if’ situation!

I mean, yeah it is all exciting and amazing, if someone makes you feel that special, by doing crazy things for you! Now, here comes the “what if” – What if, the person who did something crazy for you isn’t someone you really ‘click with’!? In that case, the whole scenario changes, doesn’t it? I mean, suddenly, unnecessarily that person becomes creepy, crazy, or someone on those lines! You might even see and share some posts or videos (where you-tubers think they are really funny 😛 )where such people are stereotyped and made fun of!


That crazy person would just believe that he/she is going to be a lonely loser all his life! Maybe that’s how I was too! And more than once I’d felt in my life, I’m just too crazy or weird for people to understand! That is when slowly some of my now close friends came into my life, and really loved and accepted me for what I am! I think that’s the best kind of gift anyone can give you in a friendship! I might have scared people by over-doing things in a friendship, but those stayed back, who could see through it!

It is a blessing to be loved by someone who accepts you for what you are! Someone who knows your little flaws, can read your mind just by looking at your face (Even though you are trying to figure out what exactly is going on in that neuronal mess)! Some say this person should be your friend, I say, in my case a friend is a small word to describe that blessing! Yes, I’m talking about my husband! I can go on forever, so I will just reserve my thoughts, maybe for some other time!

To put it in the simplest words ever said,

“You’re not perfect, sport, and let me save you the suspense: this girl you’ve met, she’s not perfect either. But the question is whether or not you’re perfect for each other.”

-“Good Will Hunting”


Adios Amigos!

About Last Name

Many people ask me, what I want to be addressed as! And when I tell them it is Ms. Sameeta Golatkar! I get varied sets of expressions and questions! Well the most common reaction is; I had thought you are a feminist, how can you stand such redundant traditions! Well firstly I don’t call myself a hard-core feminist/feminazi! I just believe every individual should be treated as equal and his/her opinion should be respected! A person whether male or female is entitled to his or her opinion.

Well maybe people don’t get it and that is why they keep questioning and judging my opinions and decisions! The other most common question is! ‘Don’t you think you are losing your identity?’ Well, I still kept my first name, I didn’t get it changed and as far as I know my professional identity is as Sameeta ma’am and Personal identity as Sammy, none involve the surname! So well, no it doesn’t affect me as far as my identity is concerned! If my name was to be changed, I might have raised a little hell, maybe a lot! 😛

images (2)


So I totally understand when people don’t like their names to be changed, be it last or first! Judging any one of us based on our choices does more harm than good.

My reasons are a combination of ‘something silly’, conventional and something generally considered as immature. Haven’t we all as teenagers doodled our name with our crush’s last name! Those nostalgic innocent memories still bring a smile to my face and so does changing my name post marriage. Yes, like a true teenager from the 90s I feel cute as well as romantic about the change. In fact Mrs. Sameeta Golatkar has a nice ring to it! Not that it felt any bad earlier but this feels more complete, exactly the same as I feel with my other half! Call me silly, but who said I am not!

images (3)

Also, Sammy G sounds so cool something like Johnny G (a movie I enjoy any given time). And of course I can now happily gloat using the tag-line, ‘G mane Genius”.


Then why not two surnames? That way I, rather my name, can have the best of both worlds. It is just something I can’t wrap my head around! Plus the child will take the father’s last name! And whether I keep just my maternal last name, or keeping them both. I would feel like a piece of puzzle that doesn’t fit, like  an outcast, ‘the one with the different last name’. Not a part of the team, and I don’t want it that way!!

Love it or hate it, I chose to take up the change! It wasn’t the easy way out in fact changing procedures officially are a headache! But I don’t mind!

200w_d (1).gif

Each one his own!

Which one is yours?

4th December it is!

A Head Full of Dreams is on the way! Yes, the release date is 4th December 2015 and I’m looking to pre-book my copy at the earliest! But that is when in the back of my mind the music plays which plays at the beginning of the track, “Adventure of a Lifetime” and my head spins in confusion!

Confusion over thinking whether I like this song or not! At first go, not really! But now the music has grown on me. The vocals by Chris Martin still make me feel dreamy. Still hate the 70s popish “I’m Alive Again” part! The music stands true to old CP style from 3:24. So all in all it is not a bad song!

I like the song, but I like it because I’m a CP fan! But, if the band had started with such songs, I’m not sure if I’d liked the band to begin with!

Track List
Track List

There’s no doubt whether I would still pre-book the album or not! I’m just going ahead anyway! But I silently wish we have more songs like “Amazing Day” than an “Adventure of a Lifetime”. I’m sure I would never regret that decision, never have! But, just a wish!~~

Do you agree with me? Tell me which one you like more in the comments section below!

Link for Amazing Day:

Link for Adventure of a Lifetime:

All that’s in the head!


Well well well! It is always difficult to start off after a long break! I stare at the screen for a good long time only giving birth to a pause! A pause where I hover my fingers over the keyboard, looking around for a good start! So far I resorted to apologies if my post has been delayed and promises to be more regular! Kind of appears like being deep under water and just coming on the surface for a gulp of air, and returning back into the deep.

I’ve resolved a few things to myself, hope I really stick to it this time.

In a blog I read recently the best way to make a blog a good read, ‘is to write whatever is going on in the head!’ Rather than writing on something that needs to be written or discussed about!

unnamed (2)

I totally agree with the writer! But, the problem lies in deciding out of the million things going on in the head! Especially if your life has changed substantially from the time you last blogged! There’s so much I want to talk about!!! Hope I put down most of thoughts soon!

Keep reading! 🙂

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