Of Infinite Hope…

Someone is there,

Out somewhere…

Made truly just for you!

You depend on him,

He on you,

Making you feel the world is just for you two!!!

These are the tales,

I listen to,

These are the stories,

I still want to believe into!!

That is when my heart screams,


I will not be fooled by you!

I’ve learnt…

I’ve grown…

And this is something you have to accept too!

Secure these dreams,

In the pages of your mind,

But these are just dreams,

Dreams,that never come true!!!



I just came across this little poem I had written back in 2011. It is not literary rich, neither deep, just something that reflected my state of mind. I never published it on my blog, because you know how it is with putting up something too close to your heart out there. You would just be judged and talked about! To avoid this, it had been in my personal folder, for longer than I remember.

The purpose I dug up this one, is because today it would be a year to our wedding and when I look back at that 5 year older self, I wish I could ask her to cheer up a bit and have faith.

Growing up it was mandatory to be in a relationship, everyone was. Today it is a little different; you can be free, independent and not a freak. But back then ( I know I sound too old :P) it wasn’t the case.

Fortunately I had my friends for me always, keeping me busy, giving me the idea, that I download (1)hardly had any time for a relationship. Yes, there used to be some lonely moments where I would type out something like this, but for the most part, I was doing good.

When people were planning to take things further in their relationship and getting married, I was busy thinking about plans for their bachelorette parties!

Completely losing the idea that I need to find someone too! That’s when he came along, won my heart with his humility and wins my heart over and over again even today.


I wish us a Happy Married Life, it is just one year down, and there are so many more to go, which I look forward to! (I just wish I would’ve met him a little earlier.)


The only thing I realize and understand, is that, things may not work out as planned, things may not happen the way you want. But one shouldn’t be downed by disappointment. If falling in love is your dream, have faith you will, if travelling the world alone is your dream, have faith you will. Waiting for it to happen is the hardest part I know.


But recently I came across this beautiful quote;

We must accept finite disappointment but not lose infinite hope.

-Martin Luther King  Jr.



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