An evening of tales!

Image courtesy: Tall Tales Storytelling Facebook Page
Image courtesy: Tall Tales Storytelling Facebook Page

Today, i.e. Sunday, 14th December I attended an event by Tall Tales Storytelling. It had 6 of their 2014’s best story narrations held at NCPA, Mumbai. This was my very first exposure to storytelling, if I don’t count school competitions. I was a bit insecure and unsure of how would it work out for me, regards to my fickle attention span and a volatile memory! But I was happy, as the first story itself put all my fears farther away than the bay!!!
The event started with a small introduction by Michael Burns, about Tall Tales, the event and the storytellers of the night! In the comfortable chair I settled still kind of insecure. The first storyteller, Apala Bhattacharya came on stage and made me forget all my insecurities and my brain was glued to the narration throughout! Then onwards I knew I was going to enjoy every bit of this and I’m proud to say I did!
The next couple narrators were every bit interesting! The interval, though timed perfectly and maybe a necessity! For me it was just more of my soul shouting, “enough break, enough break, I want stories”.
The stories made you laugh, they made you smile! The narration helped build the world around you, and have a first hand experience from a third person’s point of view! Though all stories touched me in some way or the other, three of them just stole my heart, because I could see myself living some bit of it some time back in he past, or maybe sometime in the future!
As I came back home today on this chilly evening! I knew I have been exposed to a lot of positive energy and my inspiration has been fuelled in some way! Maybe to write a story, maybe to narrate a story or maybe just living my life, such that it has millions of stories worth narrating! I’m glad for this experience and awaiting many more! 🙂


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